Neuromarketing Goes Mobile with Mynd


A key limitation to all the studies conducted in the field of neuromarketing so far has been convenience. fMri technology comes with a costly equipment, noisy and confined space and inability to move whereas EEG which uses external electrodes poses a cumbersome job of wiring a person.

Neurofocus now has come up with a mobile solution for Neuromarketing. They have pushed the EEG technology ahead with their new Mynd™ headset. NeuroFocus, a firm that brings brain research to marketing, today unveiled what it deems “the first dry, wireless headset designed to capture brainwave activity across the full brain.” This device has been three years in the making and was debuted at the 75th Annual Advertising Research Foundation conference in New York.

According to Neurofocus, Mynd has several advantages over the previous technology:

  • Full-brain coverage with dense-array EEG (electroencephalographic) sensors. Full-brain measurement is the universal neuroscientific standard applied in the world’s premier laboratories and educational institutions.
  • Within seconds of slipping the user-friendly headset on, a consumer’s brainwave activity is captured across the full cortex.
  • Wireless transmission of brainwave signals; capable of interfacing with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile communications device.
  • Dry “smart” electrodes (sensors), eliminating the use of gels and enhancing signal quality by introducing novel technological breakthroughs.
  • Enables first full-brain coverage home panels for market research.
  • Comfortable, lightweight, aesthetically pleasing modular design with easily-replaceable sensors.

[From NeuroFocus Announces World’s First Wireless Full-Brain EEG Measurement Headset: Mynd™

With convenience factors such as dry electrodes and mobility, studies that monitor real world behaviour such as shopping in a supermarket, will be made easier.

Apart from neuromarkting, this new headset will also be used by European Tools for Brain-Computer Interaction consortium for developing technologies that assist people with neurological disabilities.

Mynd is expected to be rolled out in labs all over the world shortly, however the device is not for commercial sale.