Top Digital Marketing Tactics of 2011


With 2010 coming to an end, the hottest thing of discussion is “which will be the top digital marketing trends of 2011?”.

The top trends that will be observed would be in search, social media, advertising, content and email.

Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing continues to gather a lot of hype with companies investing a lot of money into it but search marketing still gets the biggest chunk of the marketing budget.

Looking forward to 2011, content marketing is the next best digital marketing tactic. There is a growing importance on providing more than just the product features to the customers in order to get them to buy. With so many social interaction channels, content can she shared and linked from anywhere. Marketers are seeing a huge potential in content marketing and thus, there is going to be increased spending on CM in 2011.

While viral and search marketing is picking up the pace, advertising and PPC are taking a back drop. More and more people are investing in search, social and content and feel that advertising is just not worth the time spend.

What are your thoughts on the next best digital marketing tactics of 2011?