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Web Development

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Increase efficiency, cut down costs, improve sales, higher the revenue, if these are your business goals, then we can help you.

Zenas Internet is a high growth web development company offering just the right solution for you.  We design, develop, integrate and maintain web applications that enables enterprises to solve complex and critical business problems. Our basic competencies under web development include web application development, web portal development, mobile applications and corporate website designs.


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Increase credibility to your business and site conversion rate with our professional copywriting services, including:
  • Website copywriting
  • SEO copyediting
  • Press release writing
  • Article writing

Vertical Search Marketing

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Vertical Search Marketing is the right solution for you to target your niche audience in short span. Contact us for more information.

As Internet becomes crowded with both users and content, a migration is seen from general information sources to specific information sources. With more and more niche sites coming up, there is an increased emphasis on vertically targeted content. Thus, we offer Vertical Search Marketing to help you target not the masses by the classes.

Vertical search is growing to be the next massive market opportunity in the search space, and is quickly becoming one of the most crowded places on the web.

Vertical aggregators like and are formidable brands that serve advertisers and consumers very well, allowing advertisers to get just the right audience.

If you are a small business or have a small target segment, then it can become overwhelming to get ranked on Google or Yahoo. But, if you target vertical search, you can get to your audience in a small time with even less efforts.

So, get started and make your mark in the vertical market today. Contact us to know more about our vertical search marketing services.